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Wang Zhenyi was a teacher (Laoshi), an astronomer, a mathematician, and a physicist of 1790's CE China.  Our avatar shows her at the board in the course of instruction.  She was also a people's poetess, who address the wrongs she saw around her, breaking the feudal mold of knowing her place and station.

She was born into a well-educated family, but she surpassed every scholar.  She was the first human to understand and explain the nature of Lunar Eclipses.  She wrote many treatises and a dozen books.  She did all this before she was 29 years old, in which year of her life she died of typhus. 


Well that you know who she was and what she accomplished. 

 Notable Women of China  Wikipedia

Orion's Nebula is located in the centre of Orion's Sword - looks like a star to the unaided eye, in fact, is the birthplace of stars.  Taken with my 9.25" telescope.

“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.”

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